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Core Values: Honesty and Integrity

FEATURED | February 8, 2018

Core Values: Honesty and Integrity

When we started First Choice Loan Services Inc. almost 10 years ago, we wanted to create a mortgage company that was different. There are hundreds of mortgage companies from coast to coast, so in entering the market, we had to ask ourselves how are we, First Choice Loan Services, going to be different? What were we going to do that would not only make us our client’s preferred home lender but also their lender for life?

The answer was actually simple. We are going to do what is right. We do what is right by the governing bodies who legislate and regulate our industry. We are going to do what is right by each other, providing one another the support needed to succeed. Above all, we are going to do what is right by our clients, ensuring that we honor the trust they have placed in us to work with one of the largest financial investments they will make in their lives. That is what we set out to do at the beginning and that is what we do to this day.

We operate with Honesty and Integrity.

These principles of Honesty and Integrity are so important to us that we incorporated them into our Core Values. During the course of the next few weeks, I will share more about each of our Core Values and why we hold these principles so high within our company culture.

There is not an order to our Core Values. They don’t come in a sequence. They each serve as a foundational pillar for how we conduct our business daily. Without one, there would not be balance with how we work. Each of them defines who we are; without one, we are not complete.

Specifically, without Honesty and Integrity, there would be little value in anything else we do. Our words have to be trusted. Our actions have to be consistent. Every decision we make needs to be above reproach. It simply comes down to doing what is right.

And, truly, this isn’t hard. It’s the culture we created since the beginning. When you’re used to speaking the truth, when you’re in the practice of being honest, when you daily work with integrity, then it’s your nature. It doesn’t require constant concentration because it’s ingrained in who we are. We also look for it within the character of those we invite to join the First Choice Family. We focus on protecting our reputation of having unquestionable Honesty and Integrity because it strengthens and supports all our other Cores Values.

At the end of the day, a person is only as good as his or her word. Having Honesty and Integrity is at the heart of that. With all of the personal and confidential information involved in the home loan process, you should be able to place your unfailing trust in your mortgage lender, one who highly values Honesty and Integrity, one who focuses on doing what is right, one who wants to be your lender for life, one like First Choice Loan Services.

We have closed on 2 other houses in NJ and these loans were with renowned well established banks; however First Choice exceeded every expectation through out the loan process. The team is knowledgeable, provided personal service (not answering to a robot). They were on top of things and helped secure a loan in record time. -Ashwini D. | Marlboro, NJ | 1.24.2018
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