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Four Best Practices When Selling Your Home

FEATURED | March 5, 2019

Four Best Practices When Selling Your Home

As spring quickly approaches and we escape the dead of winter, you might be thinking listing your home for sale. With the season of new beginnings, it might be a great time for you to “right size” your living situation. In doing so, this will make your current home available to new owners. To help the process move smoothly and quickly, consider these four best practices when selling your home.

  1. The Outside Matters. Look, we know with people, it’s the inside that really counts. The rest is just decoration, a shell. The same can’t necessarily be said when selling a house. It all matters, including the outside. Curb appeal is a major factor when attracting buyers. Like the old commercial said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Look at your home through the eyes of visitors who are seeing it for the first time. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
    1. Is the lawn well-maintained?
    2. Is landscaping well-manicured and seasonal?
    3. Is the siding washed?
    4. Is the paint fresh and not chipping?
    5. Are there any cobwebs or bees’/wasps’ nests that need removing?
    6. Does the porch light and all accent lighting work?
    7. What condition is the roof?
    8. How visible/clean/cohesive are your house numbers?
    9. Are the windows clean?

As you can see, there’s more to curb appeal than a nice yard. Taking these factors into consideration can make the first impression your home makes a very good one.

  1. Price It Right. Setting the right sales price is key in helping your home sell quickly. Of course, you don’t want to price it so low that you lose money; on the flipside, you don’t want to price it so high that you turn off potential buyers. Look at MLS listings for similar homes in your town and neighborhood. Moreso, trust the wise counsel of your trusted Realtor® Overall, approach it with as much flexibility as possible. Emotional ties to the property can be distracting from the ultimate goal. They can also prevent the ability to think with an open mind and consider negotiating and counter-offering. It’s rare for a home sale to happen without a little give and take from both sides. A realistic initial sales price can get serious discussions started in the right direction.
  2. Be Social. Don’t be afraid to promote your listing exactly where most of the buyers naturally are: on social media. Posting pictures on your Facebook and Instagram profiles let your friends know that your home is available to purchase. They, in turn, can easily share it with their friends and so on and so on and so on… This method can be far reaching and effective. You will want to be careful of two potential dangers. First, be sure the pictures don’t include too many shots of your valuable belongings. You’re selling your home, not your items. Plus, you don’t want to tempt potential thieves. Second, leave them wanting more. Don’t post so many pictures that potential buyers won’t be motivated to visit your house. Like the old rule in the entertainment industry goes, “Leave them wanting more.” Post just enough to make them want to contact their agent right away for a showing.


  1. Choose Wisely. While we’re discussing it last, it will be one of the first things you’ll want to do and that is selecting the Realtor® who is right for you. Living in the days of the internet, finding potential Realtors® to work with and learning about them is just a few clicks away. With sites like Yelp, Zillow, LinkedIn, and Facebook (just to name a few), client reviews and testimonials are easy to locate. You can also learn about their professional history and accreditations. Use the information available to you and also take a little time for an interview with prepared questions. It’s a large step to take and worth taking the time. It will help you feel comfortable and confident going into the process.

Selling your home isn’t brain surgery (only one thing is), but it can be a potentially daunting and overwhelming task. These four best practices can help you navigate the process and can potentially lead to a quick and successful sale.

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