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Secrets to Sharing

FEATURED | August 15, 2019

Secrets to Sharing

The home you purchased years ago may have fit your needs perfectly then, but life brings change. Sometimes, that change is in the form of children. While your family may grow, your home doesn’t necessarily (unless you pursue changes available to you through a renovation loan). Until a new room is added (or one of your children leaves the nest), having two children live in the same room may be the best option. The adjustment and day-to-day realities of that may present challenges, so here are a few secrets to sharing a room.

Look Up.
A traditional space solution when children share a room is to incorporate bunk beds. This can develop into the age-old debate regarding who gets the top bunk. If you have both children vying for the top bunk, you can do rock/paper/scissors to determine the winner OR you can ensure they both have the top bunk. Either with a custom-built solution or the purchase of bunk beds, you can give them both the top bunk experience; instead of a bottom bunk, the space can be used for a desk and homework stations. Of course, the reverse might be true, and both children may prefer bottom bunks. Easy: have the raised space serve as a hobby or relaxation area and place the beds below.

Sleeping Schedules.
Nap time, school schedules, extracurricular activities… Just because your children may share a room doesn’t mean that they share the same schedules. One may still take naps while the other graduated from that phase. They may attend schools with different start times. Outside involvements may have one rising for the day long before the other. Nap time might need to be held in a different room. The positioning of the beds may need to be taken into consideration for who’s first to bed or first to rise. Other simple tips can be to set out clothes for the next day the night before so there’s less noise of opening and closing drawers. Also, be sure that door hinges are well oiled so creaking doesn’t wake someone up.

Keep Them Separated.
Considering their different schedules, it might be beneficial to somehow divide the room. If space allows, partitioning the space with storage units or bookshelves can help create privacy that might seem lacking. It also provides useful places for belongings and gives the room’s inhabitants areas to call their own. No space for additional furniture? You can always incorporate a curtain hanging from the ceiling to create separate sections.

Individuality Is Key.
Even though the space may be common, allow each child to express uniqueness. It may go against your décor aesthetic, but let them choose their own bedspread or duvet. Assign them each a wall so they can choose their own posters and pictures to hang. Use carpet tiles or rugs to allow their section to reflect them from floor to ceiling.

Add Fun.
Everyone may not be on board for this arrangement. Be sure to add fun features to the room to make the experience more enjoyable. Store clothes under the bed and turn the closet into additional living space; make it a creative corner. With chalkboard paint, create a wall that invites individual expression and art. It provides a constantly changing element to the room. Add a super large, colorful beanbag to the space. If the two do share interests, have them both come up with a theme to tie the room together.

Your children may get along like two peas in a pod, but even the best of siblings will encounter challenges when sharing a room. These tips will hopefully help everyone enjoy the shared space and make the years living together wonderful memories!

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