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Six Ways To Help Your Realtor® Help You

FEATURED | January 15, 2019

Six Ways To Help Your Realtor® Help You

Whether selling or purchasing a home, the process is a deeply involved one. There can be complicated details and numerous steps to take. For this reason, working with a trusted Realtor ® is one of the first and best decisions you can make. While his or her experience and knowledge can prove to be invaluable on your home buying journey, you can make several contributions that could create a smoother transaction. Here are six ways to help your Realtor® help you.

1. Due Diligence.
Most markets offer a wide selection of Realtors®. From a well-established Realtor® who has a long history of buying and selling homes to a relatively new and green Realtor® eager to build a book of business, there’s a wide range out there. One might come with a high recommendation from your best friend while another has hundreds of glowing yelp reviews. It can be hard to know which one is the best one for you, but that is what you deserve: the best. Don’t be afraid to take the time to interview at least three agents before agreeing to work with one. You have choices. You will be spending quite a bit of time with this person, working with some personal information and making large-scale financial decisions. Consider this the type of situation when you have homework on the first day of class. Do your research so that you are familiar with this person’s professional background. Be sure that you have selected the Realtor® in whom you believe and trust and with whom you feel the most comfortable.

2. Don’t Believe Everything Online.
You know when you have a tickle in your throat, so you go to webmd and look up symptoms, and within 30 minutes, you’ve diagnosed yourself with a fatal disease. (Wait, is that just me?) It’s best not to give yourself a medical degree just because you’ve read a website. Similarly, visiting websites regarding the real estate market or available homes in your target neighborhood doesn’t make you a licensed Realtor®. Trust the expert; that’s why you selected him or her. Online information can be out of date and/or inaccurate; likewise, it may not apply to your specific market. A licensed Realtor® will know what’s up. I didn’t do my own root canal; I wouldn’t sell my home or buy another based on what I read on the internet. In these cases, it’s best to trust a professional.

3. Show It Right.
When promoting your home, your Realtor® may recommend a few changes to the condition of your current house. Often, staging your home goes a long way towards a speedy sale. Staging might involve removing and storing some furniture and/or personal items. Repainting might also be recommended. Initially, it might seem just like added work at an already hectic time. After all, if your home works great for you with the current décor, why wouldn’t the buyers like it? True, a prospective buyer might have the exact same taste as you, but another may not. You don’t want to lose an offer because the paint in one room was the “wrong” color. The investment of time and money for staging (and photographing) may pay off in a timely sale in the end. Likewise, if buying a home, it’s important to see the home through different eyes. Some homes might be move-in ready; others might need some tender loving care. Changes may be minor, nothing that a new paint color or door wouldn’t fix. Others might be more involved. Renovation loans offer options that can help you make the home you like into the home you love. As a buyer, it’s just a matter of being flexible with your vision and seeing what is possible.

4. Pricing Expectations.
Part of the benefits of working with a professional Realtor® is that that person will have access to an extensive amount of tools and resources that will help with proper pricing expectations. Buyers will know what price is reasonable when compared to their list of characteristics of their dream home. Sellers will know what price is realistic when compared to other similar homes on the market. Whether a buyer or seller, past experience helps, but the real estate market is ever-changing and varies from state to state, town to town, and sometimes even neighborhood to neighborhood. Listening to the wise counsel of your Realtor® will help you appropriately set your pricing expectations.

5. Remove Emotions.
This one may be the hardest one. We know when either purchasing or buying a home, emotions clearly come in to play. You’re working with one of the largest financial investments of your life. At the same time, you’re remembering the years your family spent in your home while trying to envision a future in a new home. All that combined together can contribute to being tired and that also can take a toll on your emotions. In the end, though, you’re likely to find yourself happier in the future if you make wiser decisions that are based on facts and figures now.

6. Get Pre-Approved.
When you already obtain a pre-approval from your Loan Originator with First Choice Loan Services, you start the home buying process in a strong position. It provides your Realtor® a guide for the home you can afford. Your search will have a stronger focus, and your time will be better spent. You’ll look at homes that meet your needs while staying in your budget. Plus, when you extend an offer on the home you want, it’s likely to be taken more seriously by the seller when they compare it to offers without an existing pre-approval. The sellers see you have the backing of a mortgage lender and tend to feel more secure accepting your offer.

Being prepared, open, and flexible can really make the difference between having a home buying/selling process that is a nightmare versus one that is a dream. There will be certain things you may not want to sacrifice or do, but in the long run, when you’ve selected the right Realtor®, you’ll be working with a professional you understands your needs and will be in a wonderful position to have a positive experience.

To make that make experience even more positive, we’re here to ensure you home financing journey is worry-free. Contact your trusted Loan Originator with First Choice Loan Services today to help us help you get pre-approved so you can start looking at home with your Realtor® right away.

This has been one of the smoothest experiences I have had. Being a first time homebuyer, I couldn't have imagined a better experience anywhere else. I will definitely recommend First Choice ... to anyone I know! -Saleh G. | Fort Collins, CO | 4.5.2019
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