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Small Messes Make a Big Difference

FEATURED | January 9, 2019

Small Messes Make a Big Difference

At this time of year, it’s likely some of you might still have your Christmas decorations up. No judgment. With the lingering exhaustion from the business of the holidays plus the added chaos of visiting relatives, it can be challenging to stay on top of things, much less get motivated for “un-decking the halls.” When the time does come for you to de-holiday your house, consider how some other common small messes make a big difference.

Remove Yourself From Mailing Lists. During the holidays, the stack of store catalogues on my coffee table grew exponentially. I didn’t have time to flip through one before I received at least three more. Because I like the stores, I kept them, but they certainly didn’t help my Christmas shopping nor did they make my place look tidy. To help lessen the stack, you can visit Mail Preference Service managed by the Direct Marketing Association and place a request to have your name removed from lists. Most catalogues will also contain information about how you can let the store know you no longer want the mailing. In addition to the time it takes and the mess it makes, it also is an environmental choice. Besides, truth be known, if I really want to check out the latest at any particular store, I’ll use their website or find it on my smart phone.

The Time Test. It’s pretty widely known that if you haven’t worn an article of clothing within a year, it’s a good indication that it is something you can live without. Consider applying that rule to other sections of your home outside of your closet. Ask that question regarding appliances in the kitchen. (When’s the last time you used that crockpot?) In your home office, how many notepads and pens do you really need? And, we’re all for you staying in shape and being healthy, but if that elliptical machine is used more for drying clothes, then it may be time to rid yourself of it. By you donating these items to others who need and would use them, you’re freeing up space in your home to be less cluttered and more relaxed.

Dishwasher Duty. This may sound like a small one, but it can make a huge impact on your day to day life: empty the dishwasher every morning. By doing this, you’re removing a barrier to putting dirty dishes immediately in the dishwasher. Simply start the dishwasher as a part of your nightly routine, and in the morning before you head out for the day, put the clean dishes away. Imagine a day with no dirty dishes piled in the sink!

Wipe It Down. Store cleaning wipes near your bathroom and kitchen sink. After common uses, wipe down the sink. This will help remove water spots, food particles and toothpaste residue. Additionally, it helps remove bacteria and germs. It only takes a few seconds, and with your sink spotless, you’ll have one less worry when unexpected company drops by to visit.

Ask For Help. Sometimes, it’s all too much. It’s okay to ask for help, especially from professional cleaning services. Whether used as needed or on a regular basis, professional cleaners can make a lot of sense. While there will be a cost incurred, consider how much time it takes you do clean your home and do a cost/benefit analysis. If it takes you a long time to clean, even some of the small messes, your time might be better spent (and more profitable, in the long run) by paying for a cleaning service. It removes it from your schedule and frees your mind to focus on other tasks.

Without even being aware of it, sometimes these small messes can really get in your way of enjoying your home. It’s not too late to add some of these new habits to your New Year Resolutions list. Go into 2019 with a clean slate!

All I can say they are a true blessing for me and family on helping us for our new home. -Carla S. | Winchester, CA | 1.12.2018
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