Refinance Guide

As a homeowner, a common question you will encounter is “Should I refinance?” Depending on your circumstances and long-term financial goals, it’s very possibly refinancing your home is a logical and beneficial step for you to take.

When you start to consider refinancing, it’s important to work with a trusted mortgage lender like First Choice Loan Services Inc. From lowering your risk to paying off your loan quicker, we can help you understand the benefits and gain the financial stability and flexibility you’re seeking from a refinance. Use this helpful guide to better understand the considerations, advantages, options and overall process for refinancing your existing mortgage.

Is it Right to Refinance?

For homeowners, a common question is, “Should I refinance?” The answer that is right for you depends on your circumstances and long-term financial goals....


How to Prepare for Closing

As a homeowner who previously has been through the closing process, you certainly are familiar with the loan closing experience. Still, a few years...


What is the Process for Closing on a Refinance?

The process of closing on a refinance can be just as exciting and anxious as the day you purchased your home. First Choice Loan...