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Keep Your Home From Looking Dated

FEATURED | August 29, 2019

Keep Your Home From Looking Dated

When I decorated my first home, wallpaper was in.  My kitchen had not one, but two wallpaper patterns, one above the chair rail and one below.  My bedroom had an extravagant floral pattern on the walls with matching shades in a smaller complementary print.  Within a few years, I was over it.  The last room I decorated in that house had off-white walls and shades, with French lace curtains and a few bright pillows to relieve the severity. Home fashions may not change as quickly as fashions in clothing, but they do change.  Some trends last, others make your home look so last year. Here are a few thoughts to help keep your home from looking dated.


Why Update.  When you want to sell your home, your Realtor® will advise you on updates and repairs that will make your house more attractive to buyers.  Why wait?  You wouldn’t let your roof leak, so why let your home fall hopelessly out of style?  Periodic updates may save you money and time when you decide to sell.


The Kitchen.  Ten or fifteen years ago, dark wood cabinets were popular, especially when paired with bronze fixtures, dark veined granite countertops, and a dark wood floor.  A few years earlier, kitchens paired mid-brown wood cabinets and tile countertops.  In fact, outdated countertops are one of the most obvious items to replace.  One way to save money when you update is to paint the cabinets and spend on countertops.


Accent Walls.  Whether you painted one wall a striking color or covered it in an astonishing wallpaper, the accent wall is a fading style.  If it was trendy 5 years ago, it’s time to lose it.


Too Many Pillows.  Hands up if you can’t go to bed without stacking piles of pillows on every available surface.  The layered look for beds is passing.  It’s fussy, complicated décor that ages your home.  Think of cleaner lines with a pillow to sleep on, a pillow to lean on, and a pillow to add a pop of color or provide a focal point.


Word Art.  Here’s another home fashion that has run its course.  A mass-produced sign on your wall telling you to “Live Love Laugh” is no longer fresh.  Love word art anyway?  Make your own using words or a phrase meaningful to you.


Timeless or Timed Out.  With enough time, certain styles become classics.  People buying Craftsman homes today spend countless hours removing layers of paint from oak trim and built-ins.  If they’re lucky, the hardwood floors were only covered with wall-to-wall carpeting.  By filling the nail holes and refinishing gently, the floors will come back to life.  The questions is, can you wait long enough for outdated to be on-point?  One example is the popularity of yellow oak in the 1990s.  If it feels too dated and you don’t want to spend 30 years or so waiting to see if it comes back into style, grab a can of paint.  If we’re talking kitchen cabinets, refacing maybe a good option.


But I Love Shag Carpet!  If your design aesthetic is rooted in the ‘70s and you can’t have enough macramé, indulge in small doses.  Rather than wall-to-wall shag carpeting (does such a thing even exist?), look for a shaggy area rug.  Create and hang one macramé plant hanger or wall piece.  Paint a wall harvest gold or avocado green, but be prepared to update when it’s time to sell.  Enjoy what you love, but understand that the rest of the world may not appreciate your taste.  It’s their loss, right?

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