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Consent to Digital Records, Disclosures, Signatures, and Communications

You must read and understand this document content before providing any materials on the site or beginning to conduct business in electronic format. 

As you agree to the terms and conditions placed on the site and by sending your data through our web form, you consent that you have read these conditions and understand how you can transact business, correspond electronically, use the services on the site, request a lender selection, and continue to collaborate with the online loan providers. After the service finds you a creditor, you must permit (electronic consent) the use of an electronic signature, acceptance of an electronic record, disclosure, and electronic communication for the products and services in which you have shown an interest.


You may request a free printed disclosure and other juridical notifications for records to the creditor directly (organizations may keep legal documents in hard copy on the conditions and terms of applicable law).

Scope of Consent

All communications, including without lamination to web interactions via cell phones, smartphones, and tablets, are seen as digital. Electronic consent applies when online contact, including through the above means, occurs between you and an outside creditor. Allowing an electronic permit assumes that your data can be processed and collected digitally, transactions can be conducted digitally, and files can be subscribed to and held electronically. In addition, your creditor may submit you digital notices (e.g., disclosures, reports, links to other third-party sites, and links to other lenders’ sites and web services).

By giving your electronic consent, you acknowledge that the aforementioned electronic communications have the same juridical meaning as paper-based communications.

NB: Doing business assumes that the parties engaged can process with the necessary software and hardware. Before making a consent decision electronically, check to see if your hardware meets the standards for the operations and transactions you must conduct digitally. You should carefully study the following primary hardware and software demands:

Hardware and software: A PC or MAC compatible laptop or other devices capable of assessing to the web, to an email account, an Internet browser software that supports at minimum 128-bit encryption: Mozilla Firefox®, Netscape®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer, or a PDF reader such as Foxit® or Adobe® Acrobat Reader X®. Please note that various transactions may need extra funds. You might need to communicate with your lender about the required facilities.

Withdrawal of Consent

Because your electronic permit from our matching service and your data processing by our creditors is a single transaction, you cannot revoke it. Once you have already agreed with an outside creditor, you can cancel your permit from that creditor at any moment for free by submitting a request. Remember that revoking your electronic consent may deprive the lender of the opportunity to provide you with a credit offer or product. You must also remember that the judicial force, validity, and provision of previous digital disclosures will be fine if you ask to revoke your electronic permit. You can communicate with your creditor directly to learn more about the specifics of these processes. If your information (e-address) changes, you need to inform your creditor asap to update the data.