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Privacy Policy

Welcome to FCLOANS WebSite (we, Site, WebSite, Company, our, ours, us)! Before leaving any personal data on our Site, please read the official rules on how all information regarding Users (You, Your, Yours, User, Users) is processed, starting from collecting and storing this information and ending with its further sharing and use on the WebSite. This document, which sets out our Privacy Policy, is official and provides You with a formal guarantee regarding all actions with Your information, including protecting its security.

If You have already left any information on the Website before You have read this document but fully accept all of its provisions, You may continue to use the Site, relying on our guarantees. If You do not agree with any of its clauses, want to stop using the Website, and delete the information about Yourself that has already been entered, please contact the customer support service in any way convenient for You.

This document covers both personal and non-personal information that a User may leave, so read carefully about the differences in their processing.

Since the services offered on the Website are provided exclusively for legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old at the moment of entering their data on the Site, all other visitors may use the Website for informational purposes only.

Your registration on the Site by completing the online form and accepting our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use implies that You have read these documents and confirm that You agree with their provisions and understand that all actions in relation to Your data are regulated by them.

If You do not understand any part of this Privacy Policy, You can contact our customer support for further clarification. The Website provides services in accordance with the federal, state, and local laws of the USA, and therefore, all provisions of this document are fully consistent with the legal framework.

If for any reason, You decide to stop using the Website, please leave by closing all of its pages, including this one.

Specifics of Personally and Non-Personally Identifiable Information

The use of the Website’s services is possible only for registered Users who have entered personally identifiable information (PII) in the proposed online form. Our Website’s Privacy Policy regulates how this information may be collected, stored, shared, or used. If You have visited the Website for informational purposes only, You should not leave any information about Yourself. The same applies to Users who choose not to use the Website.

PII information includes the following User data: first and last names, phone numbers, physical and e-mail addresses, banking information, Social Security number, employment data, date of birth, and other necessary ID information.

NB: Social Security number and any banking information is never shared with third parties, including third-party marketers. An exception may be legal requirements and special orders from eligible parties, in particular, the national security service. The specified information is only needed for the searching and matching service and is never used for any other purpose.

Also, by using the Site, You leave non-personally identifiable information (NPII), which is also collected by the Website. This includes Internet Protocol (IP) data, OS, browser and Internet service provider details, geo position, time and date of visit, the page of referral, the page after which You left the Site, and other User’s behavioral details. Unlike sensitive parts of PIIs, which we do not share with anyone, NPIIs can be sent to third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship. The exceptions are when You expressly ask not to disclose Your NPII to anyone or use means to hide it.

How We Can Use Your PII

All operations with Your PII, including collection, storage, transfer to third parties, or use on the Site, take place only in accordance with this Privacy Policy, formulated on the basis of the US legislation. Its security is guaranteed by advanced encryption and the latest software tools.

This information is used to find the most suitable financial service provider for You to provide loan products that You have identified as being of interest to You. Your PII can be used to match services provided by lenders we have contracted with. Also, in relation to the services that You are interested in, we may provide marketing information through the communication channels You specify. Another way to use PII is the protection against fraud and numerous types of malicious activity. By clicking on the “Accept” button or checking the appropriate box, You expressly authorize us to treat Your PII in accordance with the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

If there is a need for technical support, part of Your PII, with the exception of such sensitive data as SS number and bank card details, may be transferred to third parties who will provide it and with whom we have signed a contract. These third parties are committed to protecting Your personal information in accordance with their privacy policies and signed with us a contract and may not share it with anyone else.

Also, in the case of Your prior authorization, personal information may be transferred to credit bureaus. However, the operation of this Website does not imply such action. It is carried out by the lender with whom You enter into an agreement and only if You directly allow it. This agreement does not regulate Your relations with the creditor but only applies to the terms of use of this Site.

Governmental bodies may also obtain full or partial access to Your PII for legal reasons, which apply to the following cases:

  • National security protection
  • Prevention of potential crimes
  • Ensuring the legal processes
  • Protecting the property of the owners of the Site in accordance with applicable laws
  • Protecting the property of third parties affiliated with the owners of the Site in accordance with applicable laws
  • Ensuring personal or public safety

In the event that the company owner of this Site or its assets are acquired by another company or a merging/consolidation of the companies’ assets occurs, Your PII may also be transferred to the new owner. In the event of an insolvency proceeding and a judgment in favor of the liquidation of the owner company, the liquidating party will dispose of Your PII within the framework of the judgment and only in accordance with the provisions specified in it. Should such circumstances arise, Users who have left their PII on the Website may be warned in advance, either through a public announcement on the Website or in private correspondence. These conditions will also be observed in the event of the conclusion of agreements on merging, acquisition, and other transactions with a non-US company.

Providing PII Information to Third Party Marketing

Sensitive and confidential User information (including financial data, SS number, banking details, etc.) is not shared for marketing purposes with any third parties; however, the other part of Your PII may be shared with lenders, marketers, or advertisers with whom we have a contractual relationship. These third-party marketers may use this information to make commercial offers for products of interest to You or also share it with other third-party marketers.

If You do not wish to receive promotional communications from these third parties in the form of emails, banners, telemarketing calls, etc., You must opt out of receiving promo materials. To do this, You need to use the right to remove Your information from mailing lists. The advertisement messages You receive offer an unsubscribe option. Click on the link, and Your data will be removed from the list of recipients of marketing materials.

In addition, this information may be useful in improving the quality of Your service and tailoring marketing offers in accordance with Your interests and needs. Therefore, data about Your online activity and behavior on the Internet may also be used by third-party marketers.

Our Website is responsible for how Your information is used within our company. However, the handling of PII User information by third-party marketers is governed by their privacy policies, for which we are not responsible. To learn more about their information handling practices, check out their official documentation. If You do not accept any of the provisions, please contact the third-party marketing companies directly and request that Your information be removed from the database.

If You accept all of the terms of sharing Your PII with third-party marketers and third-party lenders, You may continue to use our services and the Website. In such case, Your activity on the Site will constitute Your explicit acceptance of all the provisions of our Privacy Policy. If any of the provisions do not suit You, You must leave the Webыite by closing all its pages. If any information related to the PII category has already been left by You on the Site, You need to contact us in any convenient way and ask to remove all data about You from the WebSite database. Once Your request has been processed, all information about You will be immediately removed from the database and will no longer be available to third-party lenders or marketers. However, if it has already been transferred to them before, You will need to contact them directly and ask them to remove Your PII from their databases as well.

How Your PII Can Be Used to Get a Credit

Third-party lenders we work with may use Your PII to check Your information against national databases and verify Your identity. In addition, based on this information, they may request a report on Your credit history from various credit organizations, including leading credit bureaus, to verify Your creditworthiness and timely repayment of past loans. This is necessary to assess the risks and prospects for the return of credit money.

However, remember that the very fact of a credit report request may affect Your credit rating and lower it somewhat. Therefore, Your use of the Website’s services and further provision of PII through online forms means that You understand these terms and conditions and agree that third-party lenders may verify Your identity and credit information in accordance with their official documents that regulate the rules of interaction with customers.

Email and Telemarketing

Your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use means that Your PII may be used for promotional purposes by us and third-party lenders and third-party marketers with whom we have a contract. This means that the communication channels You have provided in the online form may be used for telemarketing and email advertising, including telemarketing calls to offer credit services and products, assistance calls, and other direct and indirect forms of communication. Even if the phone number that You entered in the online form is in the suppression lists, Do-Not-Contact registry, or any other prohibition databases, the very fact that it is indicated in our online form means an attempt to receive our service. Therefore, pursuant to 16 CFR §310 et seq. of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (“ATSR”), we and the third-party lenders and third-party marketers with whom we have a contract, may contact You at a telephone number that is listed on the FTC Do-Not-Call List for telemarketing, if You have given Your consent. Since, according to the ATSR, Your request for a service on our Website and in relation to third-party marketers expressly constitutes an attempt to make a purchase, third-party marketers may also use the information You provide for telemarketing purposes.

If You have confirmed Your consent to use the services of the Website and have completed the online form with Your PII, this means that You confirm that You are over 18 years old and the mobile device is in Your legal possession. It also means that You agree to the possible costs associated with telemarketing campaigns and are aware of all liabilities. However, remember that Your service provider, in accordance with its goals and interests, may also collect information about You. These actions are regulated by its privacy policy and other official documents and, therefore, have nothing to do with the provisions specified in our official documents.

How Your NPII Can Be Collected

When You browse our Website or follow links to Websites of third-party lenders or marketers that have contracted with us, You should be aware that certain characteristics of Your online activity will be monitored. In particular, this applies to the history of clicks and views, language settings, geographic location, browser and OS characteristics, and so on, including the IP address. These data cannot identify You personally, but they help improve Your personal experience when You visit web pages, so this data are collected and stored using browser analysis tools, cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, and web server logs.


When Users visit the Website or perform any action on it, such as clicking on links, looking at some information in more detail, etc., the Website server assigns small unique files to them. They are called cookies and are intended to collect data about the User’s behavior on the Internet. This information is sent to us or authorized third parties. Cookies have many purposes, the main of which is to help better customize the information offered to the User by analyzing their preferences. Another important task of cookies is to protect security through the early detection of fraudulent activities.

Cookies are temporary or permanent and, therefore, differ in their length and size. Temporary or otherwise called session cookies are destroyed immediately after the User leaves the Website or closes the browser. Permanent cookies remain even after these steps. However, You can change this situation by deleting cookies using special function keys in Your browser settings. If You do not know how to manage cookies, please refer to other Internet resources such as http://www.aboutads.info or http://www.cookiecentral.com/ for more information.

About Using Web Beacons and Pixel Tags

To monitor the activity of Users of the Website, special small images can also be used, which are placed in e-mails or on the pages of the Site. They are necessary to study the activity of Website visitors to form more interesting marketing offers and adjust marketing campaigns. More detailed information about how web beacons work can be viewed on the dedicated Internet resource www.webopedia.com/TERM/W/Web_beacon.html.

Files that contain information about the platform and browser type, IP address, click records, pages from which the Site was exited or, conversely, accessed, etc. are contained in special Log files. They are used to improve the User experience and determine optimal settings.

Privacy Management

To maximize the User experience while still allowing Users to limit the amount of information we may use, we have different practices regarding the activities with Your information. For example, You may contact us to request that we remove Your information from our database if You decide to stop using the Website.

If You do not want the Website to collect, store, use, and share Your NPII, You must close every page of our Site and refrain from visiting it in the future. However, if tracking files such as beacons, cookies, and others have already been installed on Your computer or mobile device automatically, You will have to delete them manually from Your browser settings. There, You can choose Your own or default settings, reject cookies, configure notifications for cookies, etc.

Any Do-Not-Track signals are not taken into account by the Website due to the absence of a special Do-Not-Track protocol. Privacy management and protection of User safety are carried out on the basis of the provisions of this Privacy Policy and other official documents. If You prefer not to share Your personal information with third parties, please visit www.networkadvertising.org/consumer/opt_out.asp to define Your personal preferences.

You can also choose to unsubscribe from newsletters in the marketing materials they send You to prevent third-party marketers from tracking Your online activity.

Providing PII Security

To ensure Your use of our Website is secure, we introduce a variety of security measures with respect to User data, from electronic and managerial to physical. All of Your PII that comes to us is stored and used in strict compliance with data security and privacy protection measures. We use advanced practices to protect User data from any outside intrusion for unauthorized use, fraud, or willful misrepresentation.

Access to PII information is provided only to authorized employees, and all operations with data are carried out solely in accordance with applicable law and the provisions prescribed in this Privacy Policy. Your PII data is never used publicly, and the transfer of part of the data to third parties is carried out only with Your consent and strictly in accordance with the standards prescribed in this Privacy Policy. All persons who have access to Your information have an obligation to protect Your PII and not to disclose it in any way. Any actions that do not comply with the rules for protecting User information are immediately stopped and punished with disciplinary actions.

However, even the most advanced information security systems can be challenged to perform malicious actions from the outside, as actions on the Internet always have a certain degree of risk. Therefore, outside the control of the Website owner, we cannot be held responsible for the safety of Your information from encroachment by fraudsters, theft, or alteration. Therefore, if You have any concerns about the condition of Your personal data and want to protect it from any infringement from outside, please ask us to delete it from any databases for which we are responsible. At the same time, we are not responsible for the actions of third-party marketers to whom we transfer some of Your PII, since protecting it becomes part of their responsibility by virtue of a contractual obligation between us. Before entering into contractual obligations, we carefully check their approaches to ensuring information security, as well as comprehensively assess their integrity. In case of detection of the slightest violations, we immediately respond in accordance with applicable law to eliminate any negative consequences.

About the Impossibility of Collection of Information from Children

Based on the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and in accordance with our Site’s terms of service, collecting information from children under 18 or posting it on the Website is strictly banned. We do not provide services to persons under the age of 18; therefore, after the discovery of any PII from a person under the age of 18, it is immediately deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the provisions of COPPA.


Your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Use and the provisions of this Privacy Policy, as well as signing them with an electronic signature means that, in accordance with the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, You agree to receive notifications and documents in electronic format, provide the requested information in electronic format, as well as forward it to third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. Therefore, by submitting Your data to our Website, You agree to receive electronic documents, information posted on the Website, notifications, disclosures, and electronic communications from third-party lenders and marketers who are affiliated with the Website. Once You have provided Your e-consent, any such message has the same force and effect as “in-writing” text. Therefore, for record keeping, a copy of it must be printed.

We also reserve to ourselves and third-party marketers with whom we signed a contract the right to terminate e-communication with the User, including the termination of sending e-notifications or any electronic documentation. Affected Users will be notified in advance in accordance with the business practices set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use and consistent with all applicable regulations and laws. To reduce the cost of maintaining communication with Users, hard copies of electronic documents and any correspondence are not produced or stored. In accordance with mandatory retention periods set forth in regulatory requirements, all such notices, documents, and disclosures are destroyed after the expiration of such periods. Any electronic records have the same validity as printed documents and, therefore, may be recognized as legitimate evidence in case it is necessary to clarify the rights and obligations of the parties entering into business relations on the basis of the provisions of these e-documents. Each such e-communication has its own terms of provision, validation, and legal force, and therefore, their mandatory retention periods may vary.

About Following Links to Third-Party WebSites

Our Site is intended to provide a matching service and therefore contains links to various third-party websites, including third-party marketers and third-party lenders. When You follow links, please be aware that we are only responsible for the privacy of Your information on our Website. Therefore, before leaving any PII there, carefully read their privacy policies, disclosures, and other official documents.

Notifications Regarding Information Sharing for the Residents of Different States

Each state has its own rules regarding PII collected and shared by websites. Some state regulations require parties collecting PII to be accountable in detail as to who, when, and how this information will be shared with third parties on an individual and exclusive basis. Reports must also be provided on how that third party will use the PII, and what exactly part of that personal information will be shared. Since we strictly follow both federal and state laws in our work, if You are a resident of such a state, contact us in any way convenient for You. In such cases, we will provide detailed information in accordance with specific regulations. At the same time, if the User who sent such a request legally resides in a state where such specific regulations are not legally enforceable, we have the right to refuse to provide such detailed information.

Modifications and Changes

The Privacy Policy may be changed by the Site owner without prior notice to each User. If this happens, updated information will be posted in the appropriate section on the Website. We encourage You to periodically review the corresponding Website sections to keep abreast of any changes. The effective date of the document is the one that was at the time of the last revision and amendment. It is assumed that by default, the version of the Privacy Policy that was valid at the time of collection of information from the User is the one in relation to which all actions with Your information will be carried out. You can decide how acceptable this is for You. If You are not satisfied with anything in the provisions of the Privacy Policy at the time Your information was provided or subsequently after its revision, You can respond accordingly by sending us a request or terminating using Website.

Inquiries and Complaints

If You want to change anything in the information provided or even withdraw it, please contact us directly at the specified contacts, for example, by e-mail contact@fcloans.com or in any other way convenient for You. Your request to change or withdraw data will be dealt with immediately.

Also, use the same contacts to send us complaints if You are not satisfied with the operation of the Website or any of its services. We will carefully consider the details of your complaints and respond to You as soon as possible.