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Editorial Policy

In its activities, FCLOANS focuses on providing its clients and readers with the most complete information on topics related to finance and credit. The FCLOANS team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and unbiased analytics and news to visitors of the website. To do this, we regularly seek the opinions of leading experts in the field of lending and publish analytical materials on our blog. We strictly adhere to the principles set out in our editorial guidelines, which ensures impartial and objective coverage of all reported topics.

Our Vision

FCLOANS strives to contribute to the development of a financially prosperous world, where relationships between borrowers and lenders are built on mutually beneficial partnership and respect, and everyone has the opportunity to realize their goals to the fullest with the help of financial support from others.

Our Mission

FCLOANS is a guide to the field of credit services, helping consumers understand all the nuances of lending practices. Acting as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders, we promote responsible lending practices and equip our clients with the most useful, relevant, and timely information on lending-related issues. The implementation of our mission is carried out in strict accordance with our editorial guidelines, which act as unshakable principles we adhere to.

Main Principles

When posting content on our website and providing services to consumers, we adhere to the following firm principles:

  • Objective information. By providing our consumers with any information, we strive to reveal the specifics of credit products from different angles. We do not single out any specific lenders for the purpose of promoting their services.
  • Precision. We check information before publishing and present it in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  • Honesty. We are transparent about all relationships with credit companies so that users can make independent and informed choices.
  • Safety. Protecting our users’ confidential information is a priority and a strict commitment we make to our consumers.
  • Responsible lending. We explain and promote in every possible way the principles of responsible lending for the financial well-being of our clients and partners.
  • Sensitivity. All topics that may cause controversial reactions from our readers are covered with extreme caution and responsibility. Also, they are accompanied by special warnings.
  • Plagiarism. Any type of plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and the use of other people’s ideas is accompanied by properly presented links.
  • Compliance. We act in strict accordance with the law and all legal regulations that apply to the loan industry.
  • Integrity. We impose strict requirements of honesty and objectivity on our authors. Any misrepresentation, plagiarism, and all forms of fraud are unacceptable to FCLOANS.
  • Empowerment. Our actions are aimed at increasing our clients’ awareness of the wide range of loan products to choose from and the rights and responsibilities they have when applying for loans.

Our Team

All FCLOANS authors strictly adhere to the principles set out in the editorial guidelines. In case of any conflict of interest, they are obliged to openly declare it. We support the independence and impartiality of authors contributing to FCLOANS. Professionalism, neutrality, and objectivity are the main factors that assist the realization of our mission. Therefore, they act as the main guidelines for all team members.

Editorial Process

The editorial guidelines that all our authors follow include the following steps:

  • Thorough research. Work on texts is carried out after a comprehensive study of up-to-date information on the subject of credit services and products.
  • Content writing. We create content that will be understandable to any reader who may need this information.
  • Verification. Text is checked for accuracy and compliance with our editorial guidelines.
  • Conflict management. Any conflicts of interest are identified and immediately managed to avoid them.
  • Customer feedback. We welcome comments and feedback from our users that help us promote our mission.


All information presented on the website is carefully checked. We rely only on trusted sources and conduct thorough research into the accuracy of information before publishing it on the website. Any details, numbers, and statistics are cross-checked using various authoritative sources.


If any error creeps into the text, we immediately eliminate it after identifying it. Thanks to the vigilance of our authors, editors, and partners, as well as feedback from readers, any inaccuracies are noticed very quickly. Updated information is presented in such a way that readers can notice it immediately. This collaborative approach to verifying the accuracy of information allows FCLOANS to provide trustworthy content to consumers that they can rely on when making financial decisions.