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Responsible Lending Policy

Our company is neither a loan provider nor a representative of any lender. However, we do our best to give you access to trustworthy credit providers and allow you to find a lender who can provide you with the most suitable loan services that match in the best way the preferences you provided us in the online form.

We do everything we can to provide you only with the legal loan operators that offer services according to local, state, and federal laws. All of them are trustworthy and fair, and they provide the best and high-quality services in their niches. 

We perfectly realize that the short-range loan niche can somehow puzzle you. Moreover, many states regulate this industry in their own ways. That is why we offer you to study all the necessary info in case you have any concerns about small-term loan services in the United States. Here, you will find all the essential info on the subject of the most important acts and laws, which are aimed to save customers from any type of unjust practices. Please, get familiar with this info. Study carefully such pages of the site as [FAQ], [How It Works], and [Rates and Fees]. They will help you get to know all the necessary info about the best loan options available for you and, therefore, make a knowledgeable decision about the most suitable one.  

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

We are convinced that all the loan providers represented on this site strictly adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As we don’t provide credit services, we will never be able to collect debts from anybody. Alongside this, if you don’t pay your credit on time, our loan providers can use all officially allowed legal methods to collect debts. For this purpose, they must be directly guided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Therefore, debt collectors must never do the following:

  • Contact a customer before 9 a.m. and after 8 p.m. depending on the local time zones.
  • Use any type of harassing language or harmful actions while collecting a debt.
  • Use any type of false info or misrepresent a company to collect a debt.
  • Terrorize a customer with either legal actions or various types of criminal charges when they are not officially warranted.

If we find out that any loan provider represented in our network tries to severely violate the guidelines, we will instantly remove such a credit operator and inform law enforcement about it.

Fair Lending Act

The Fair Lending Act is aimed to guarantee customers that all of them have the right to access all types of loans regardless of their race, age, religion, or gender. According to this Act, if individuals meet all the necessary financial and legal requirements for getting credit, they can never be discriminated against. You should immediately get in touch with your Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Equal Opportunity and Fair Lending Office if your rights are violated while applying for a loan.

Truth in Lending Act

To guarantee individuals that they can access all the necessary info about all available loan offers before they use an electronic signature for signing a loan agreement or extending a credit contract, the Truth Lending Act was adopted. It obliges all types of loan providers to reveal detailed info about all possible hidden fees, available rates, terms, and interests connected with their credit services when they are going to offer a credit agreement to their customers. Each state regulates short-term credits individually. Therefore, loan providers must ensure that their credit offers fully correspond to local laws.

State Regulations

To ensure that customers are not harmed by any unlawful practices of loan providers, each state regulates loan niches individually. Among the common regulations, we should mention such as interest and fees, maximum credit amounts, etc. You can get familiar with all basic loan regulations in your state in the [Rates and Fees] section of our site. Additionally, here, you can check out current limits on small-term credits in various states, as well as study the list of government websites that describe this type of loan in detail.