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Fees & Rates

FCLOANS has nothing to do with credit operators, and it never decides on loan approval. Therefore, this service never provides its users with any data associated with any possible fees for all sorts of short-term credits and offers, which are offered by loan operators. Alongside this, FCLOANS does its best to guarantee that all loan providers in its network firmly follow all corresponding state, federal, local, and global laws. The site also ensures that credit providers can offer customers reasonable credit services.

Short-term credit should be understood as a provisional financial tool that can be extremely expensive if it is used for long-term purposes. This loan type is connected with rather high fees and rates. Therefore, federal, local, and state laws strictly regulate this financial niche. Additionally, the number of various types of both non-governmental and governmental groups, which control loan providers, keeps on growing steadily.

Our website provides its customers with plenty of various informational materials and resources, which are aimed at helping possible borrowers to get to know better all available credit variants so that they have a successful credit experience. It is recommended to study thoroughly such sites of the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] (http://www.consumerfinance.gov/) and [Federal Trade Commission] (https://www.ftc.gov/). These influential government organizations are responsible for implementing and promoting specific acts and regulations aimed at administrating short-term credits and protecting all future borrowers from unjust lending experiences and the violation of their rights.

On top of federal laws, several states have already put into practice their laws to protect borrowers from unjust behavior on the credit providers` side. In particular, some states may fully control the maximum credit amount, fees, renewals, fees for late payments, and the number of credits an individual may have simultaneously. Go to [this resource] (http://www.ncsl.org/research/financial-services-and-commerce/payday-lending-state-statutes.aspx) and [this official website] (http://www.paydayloaninfo.org/state-information) to study the essential info about current loan regulations in your location. Please, take time to examine these resources before applying for a loan because the mentioned regulations can be changed unexpectedly at any time.

Such states as New York, West Virginia, Vermont, Arkansas, and some others strictly prohibit short-term credits of any type. Please, keep in mind that the list of states that forbid such loans can be changed without warning. Therefore, you should carefully follow the news on the mentioned-above sites not to miss the important updates in short-term credit regulations.