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Ana Gotter

Ana Gotter

Meet Ana Gotter, a seasoned freelance writer and content marketing expert! With more than eight years of experience, Ana’s superpower is creating valuable content that really speaks to people. Her portfolio is pretty diverse, covering everything from personal loans and financial planning to business administration, marketing, and a bunch of other topics. She’s a master of storytelling, strategic thinking, and thorough research. She’s also a social media and content marketing pro and uses these skills to make her articles even better.

Educational Background

Originally from the lively city of Orlando, Florida, Ana Gotter now lives a comfortable life in picturesque Connecticut. She began her writing adventure back in 2008 when she joined the Creative Writing program at Florida State University. During her four-year academic journey, she discovered a true love for writing, developed her business skills, and became an expert at communication. The year that kicked off her path in the world of writing was probably 2012, when Ana proudly earned her Иachelor’s degree in writing. She also completed a bunch of courses to elevate her skills, including Email Marketing Certification, Content Marketing Certification, and Social Media Marketing Certification.

Writing Experience

After finishing college, Ana Gotter set off on an incredible adventure as a freelance writer. In 2014, she decided to turn this side hustle into a full-time job. Since then, Ana has written hundreds of high-value articles in fields like business, finance, advertising, and marketing. She serves as a regular contributor to well-known platforms such as Shopify, Lending Tree, Wix, Oberlo, Zapier, Directive Consulting, Social Media Examiner, Disruptive Advertising, Healthline, Agorapulse, Snappa, SingleGrain, AdEspresso, and others. Ana specializes in crafting compelling content for marketing agencies, credit and investment firms, and SaaS enterprises. She is actively engaged in offering her clients top-notch content marketing and contextual advertising services.

Cooperation with AdEspresso

Furthermore, Ana Gotter has been an integral part of the AdEspresso team for a span of more than three years. During her time in office, she has hosted two webinars: “How to Use AdEspresso for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns” and “How to Write High-Converting Ad Copy for Facebook Ads.” During these webinars, Ana provides her audience with detailed guidance on how to create impactful Facebook ad copy. She also explains how to employ tactics like sales strategies and the art of storytelling to make your ads truly shine.

Current activity

These days, Ana Gotter works as a strategic content marketer and PPC copywriter, and she provides her clients with the following services:

PPC copywriter

Ana is the PPC maestro, ready to speed up your business and attract high revenue. She’s able to drive more traffic and get people excited about what you offer. She can create ads that bring maximum ROI and ensure your brand remains in the spotlight.

Content writer

Whether you’re in need of unique website content, captivating newsletters, persuasive emails, or various promotional materials, Ana is here to help.


Ana also works as a ghostwriter. With her sharp eye for detail, she’s able to take your ideas and turn them into polished articles and blogs.