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Angela Mae Watson

Angela Mae Watson

Angela Mae is a famed freelance writer and finance copywriter perfectly known for her remarkable work with words. From her formative years, Angela demonstrated an innate talent for storytelling. Angela’s educational path led her to pursue a BA in English with distinction at Saint Martin’s University (2009), where she developed and improved her writing skills. Currently, the copywriter resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The path to freelance writing

Almost nine years ago, Angela Mae decided to make up her mind to start freelance writing. Her early experiences involved contributing to local publications and blogs, covering a wide array of topics. Her versatility and knack for adapting her writing style to diverse subjects rapidly earned her a reputation as a trustworthy and skilled author of all sorts of financial and business articles. Dozens of well-known FinTech, loan, and SaaS companies, as well as startups, have already used her services. These are such companies as Nexstar, Debthammer, Keep Financials, and many others.

Copywriting experience

Angela’s ability to blend creativity with persuasive writing made her a sought-after copywriter in the aggressive world of finance. Angela’s portfolio boasts a wide range of successful marketing campaigns and branding projects, showcasing her mastery of the art of persuasion through words.

Angela has already become a reputable and experienced author of articles on personal finances, debt management, and retirement planning. In particular, she has already written dozens of useful articles for the New York Post, including “FHA loan down payment requirements,” “What to know about getting a $450,000 mortgage,” “Personal loans for non-U.S. citizens: What to know,” and “Dental financing: how to pay for dental costs.”

Angela Mae Watson provides trusted loan companies with comprehensive content including articles, how-to guides, and reviews. She is a regular author of GoBankingRates. Such Angela`s comprehensive posts as “Why You’re Probably Wrong About What Retirement Will Cost, According to Experts” have already helped thousands of people to perfectly deal with personal finances.

Moreover, Angela is an expert in health finance. Such articles as “Does Medicare Cover Freestyle Libre or Other Continuous Glucose Monitors?” have already made this author one of the most trusted ones at GoodRx Health.

Angela Mae also wrote a wide range of travel articles when she worked as a freelance copywriter for Terracotta Travel Company.


Angela Mae Watson has already completed several courses from trusted organizations that help her in her daily work. These are Creating Better Blog Content from Lynda.com (July 2017), Advanced Google Analytics from Google Analytics Academy (September 2019), and Google Analytics Individual Qualification from Google (October 2019).


Angela enjoys a wide range of hobbies that help her concentrate, relax, prepare for daily work, and regain perspective as a professional freelance writer. In particular, she is fond of yoga, running, traveling, long walks, and studying new methods of leading a healthy life.

Present time

Since January 2017, Angela has been working as a freelance content creator and finance copywriter for her own company Integral Copy, which deals with all sorts of original content. The specialist deals with crafting unique content and research works for B2C and B2B market segments. In particular, Angela Mae focuses on creating comprehensive SEO articles, long-read posts, emails, social media posts, landing pages, etc.