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Barbara Balfour

Barbara Balfour

Barbara Balfour is a distinguished Canadian journalist, author, and TV producer. The future prominent editor and journalist was born in Toronto on June 9, 1980. Barbara was deeply interested in storytelling when she was a kid. She graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary and received a Bachelor of Arts in European and Eurasian Studies. In fact, she received a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary and a Master’s in Journalism from Carleton.

Career in Journalism

Barbara’s journey into the world of journalism began shortly after completing her undergraduate studies. She secured her first position as a junior reporter at a local newspaper, where her talent quickly propelled her through the ranks. Over the years, she contributed to several renowned publications, including The Globe and Mail (“A call for help sends this telecom executive to the rescue”), NUVO Magazine (“Driven by a passion for science”), Marriott Traveler (“Craving Ice Cream? Here’s 4 Ottawa Hot Spots to Cool Down at This Summer”), National Post (“Modern classics pass the test of time”), BBC News (“Dating sites that will find you a British man or a gluten-free mate”), etc.

Additionally, since 2000, Barbara Balfour has been successfully collaborating with such prominent mass media as ELLE, Lawyers Weekly, Boca Raton Observer, Edmonton Journal, Fodors, Lexpert, CPA Magazine, Financial Post, Calgary Herald, Westjet Magazine, and dozens of others.


Barbara has already published over 2,000 articles on a wide range of topics. The journalist easily and competently writes about various spheres of business, lifestyle, travel, corporate relationships, health, food, real estate, television, profiles, fashion, government, military and defense, oil and gas, science, and many other topics. Moreover, Barbara fluently speaks five languages, which allows her to interview people from around the globe efficiently. Overall, this journalist and writer has already worked with various media in almost 30 countries.


Additionally, Barbara Balfour is the author of such popular books for kids as “Thanksgiving Day” and “Great White Sharks.” Furthermore, she is a co-author of “Fodor’s Chile with Easter Island and Patagonia” and an outstanding book titled “DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Top 10 Iceland.” Overall, Barbara`s insightful reporting and commitment to sharing diverse stories elevated her as a respected figure in contemporary Canadian journalism.

Public speaking

Barbara Balfour is not only a writer and journalist but also an accomplished public speaker. Her engaging and motivational speeches cover a range of topics, from self-improvement to the importance of inclusivity in the media. Barbara’s ability to connect with her audience and inspire positive change has already earned her a huge number of admirers.


In addition to her professional achievements, Barbara is deeply involved in philanthropy. Her commitment to making a positive impact on the world is evident through her philanthropic efforts, where she successfully creates opportunities for those in need. For this purpose, Barbara wrote an outstanding article for the Globe and Mail titled “Philanthropy executive grants herself the gifts of music, hockey and running — but don’t tell her mother.”

Present time

Since 2015, Barbara Balfour has been working as a Producer and a TV Host at Rogers TV, which broadcasts in Ontario, Labrador, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Her live talk show is one of the most popular ones among Canadians now. Together with recognized experts, Barbara discusses such vital topics as public speaking, career change, online and offline dating, self-improvement, etc. Additionally, Barbara continues to write articles for prominent media as a freelance journalist.