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Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray is a highly accomplished freelance writer and editor who has been working remotely in Augusta, Maine, for over eight years already. In 2016, he pursued two Bachelor’s degrees in Women and Gender Studies and English Language and Literature from the Smith College located in Northampton, Massachusetts. In the process of studying, he successfully developed his critical thinking skills and a deep appreciation for all the nuances of writing.

Freelance experience

Christopher Murray mostly specializes in the topic of personal finances. Additionally, he calls himself an expert in such spheres as medical cannabis, real estate, sustainability, social justice issues, etc. During his freelance writing career, Christopher has already written comprehensive posts for such specialized websites as Investor Junkie, SparkRental, Credible, Money Geek, FinImpact, Money Crashers, LendEDU, Bankrate, Finance Buzz, New York Post, MoneyWise, etc.

In September 2013, Christopher took the position of editor-in-chief in Voices and Visions Journal. At that time, he was responsible for editing all written materials. In May 2014, Christopher Murray started to work as a research and writing assistant for Defending Rights & Dissent. He composes various articles dedicated to the issue of protecting human rights. In December 2019, Christopher worked as a staff writer for ChooseFI Media.

However, the greatest success came to Christopher Murray in 2016, when he began working as a senior editor at the Money Under 30 platform, which is aimed to help young adults deal with finances. In this position, Christopher edited all the daily content on the site, maintained and headed the department of freelance writers, and composed numerous projects for the site improvement.

Selected articles

Since recently, Christopher has been successfully cooperating with the New Your Post online tabloid. In particular, he is the author of such remarkable articles as “Pros and cons of a cash-out refinance,” “No-appraisal refinance: what to know,” and “Home equity line of credit: What to know.”

The popular online financial resource, Bankrate, has already published 15 articles by Christopher Murray including such useful ones as “Credit card rules you can break in an emergency” and “Debit vs credit? What is the best way to pay?”

For the Money Under 30 site, where Christopher Murray successfully worked for over five years, he composed dozens of prominent posts including “How to Prioritize and Save for Multiple Goals,” “How Little Can You Live On?”, and “How to get a credit card with limited income.”

Balancing writing and editing

One of Christopher Murray’s distinctive qualities as a freelance writer and editor is his ability to strike a harmonious balance between these two domains. He produces compelling written content and enhances the work of others through his outstanding editing expertise. This dual focus has made him a versatile professional in the world of words, equally comfortable crafting original content and perfecting the work of others. Christopher Murray says that when he worked as the Senior Editor for Money Under 30, he led a team of editors, which simultaneously worked with more than 20 writers daily. “That was a great experience for me,” emphasizes Christopher Murray.

Present time

As of October 2023, Christopher Murray works as a freelance writer for numerous projects concerning his sphere of specialization.