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Femi Lewis

Femi Lewis

Femi Lewis is a prominent figure in the world of digital marketing, education, small business development, and content writing. Currently, she works distantly from New York. She is widely known for her great ability to perfectly combine her knowledge and creativity to compose great texts. Femi’s educational background reflects her commitment to enduring learning and her unyielding pursuit of knowledge from a wide range of fields. Her strong foundation in philology, business, foreign languages, and management has already helped Femi integrate diverse ideas and draw inspiration from multiple sources.

One of the key pillars of Femi’s success lies in her profound understanding of several languages. Besides English, she fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French. It allows her to communicate effectively with a global audience and tap into the cultural nuances of different regions. This linguistic versatility has been invaluable in her work because Femi can easily craft content that resonates with diverse audiences.

She pursued a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education and Teaching from St. John’s University in 2010, equipping herself with the pedagogical skills necessary to share her knowledge successfully. Femi also earned an MFA in Creative Writing from The City College of New York. Her ability to craft convincing articles and engage her audience through them became a crucial feature of her work.

Femi began her freelance writing career in February 2002. At that time, she mostly dealt with composing texts and providing a wide range of editing services for various types of businesses in the United States. In February 2012, Femi started to cooperate as an expert in African-American history for About.com. She wrote various educational posts, managed the blog, and created newsletters. Additionally, Femi promoted About.com content on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Femi’s experience as a digital marketing specialist, the author of business articles, email marketing specialist, and content writer has been marked by commitment to excellence for over 20 years already. You can find her articles on such notable digital platforms as Quizlet, The Balance, Finurah, ThoughtCo, and The Balance Small Business. Moreover, Femi cooperated with such trendy media as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kansas City Star, Destination Newark, Black Enterprise, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, etc.

While cooperating with The Balance, Femi Lewis created a wide range of business articles. In particular, these are such posts as “How to Start a Sole Proprietorship” and “When Is the Right Time to Start a Small Business?”

Additionally, Femi created high-quality educational content for ThoughtCo. These are such articles as “The Integration of Little Rock High School,” “Black History Timeline: 1960-1964,” and “5 Writers of the Harlem Renaissance.”

Alongside this, Femi wrote a comprehensive article about investing for Finurah titled “Not Just for the Rich: Five Estate Planning Tools Everyone Needs.” Femi also cooperated with Destination Newark (“Post Pandemic Eats”).

Since 2018, Femi has been the owner of her company Femi Writes located in New York. It specializes in helping businessmen create various sorts of content marketing strategies, blogs, and website content. Femi also composes marketing emails and creates inspiring landing pages. Her multidisciplinary approach, linguistic dexterity, and commitment to knowledge acquisition have made her a go-to expert in her spheres of specialization.