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Jason Steele

Jason Steele

Jason Steele, a prominent freelance writer and renowned expert in the field of credit cards and travel, has dedicated his career to unraveling the intricacies of the credit card industry. Jason’s pursuit of knowledge began with his education. He developed his intellectual sharpness at a prestigious institution the University of Delaware, where he got a strong foundation in traditional learning by earning a B.A. in History and Political Science.

Jason’s fascination with the world of credit cards emerged during his early professional years. Perfectly understanding the overall financial impact that credit cards have on people’s lives, he was determined to share his insights with a broad audience. His mission was clear: to become one of the best experts in the credit card niche.

Before engaging in freelance, Jason Steele tried different jobs. So, he worked as a technical support specialist, flight instructor, and sysadmin. However, he was always drawn to engage in freelance writing. Jason started his freelance career in 2007. From the first texts, Jason began to specialize in a narrow niche of travel and credit cards. His ability to simplify complex financial concepts and make them accessible to the common reader quickly garnered the attention of well-known outlets, including Contently, Kiplinger, Credit.com, Marketwatch, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, Time, Fox Business, ABC News, Wise Bread, Business Insider, Financebuzz.io, etc.

For many times, US News, The USA Today, The Washington Post, Fortune, MainStreet, and Bloomberg mentioned Jason Steele as a leading expert in combining travel and credit card issues. Moreover, this famous content strategist also cooperated with GoBankingRates, MoneySmartLife, H&R Block, Johnny Jet, PT Money, Mommy Points, Compare Wallet, Society of Grownups, Money Talks News, Noob Traveler, and Brad’s Deals.

Alongside this, Jason Steele founded CardCon in 2017. It is the conference for major credit card experts and media. Now, it serves as a hub for professionals and enthusiasts in the credit card industry where they can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and strengthen a sense of community. CardCon 2019, held in Washington, brought together 30 industry leaders and almost 300 attendees from all parts of the USA.

Among the well-known Jason articles, such should be mentioned as “Booking Flights with Points or Miles Expands Refund Options” and “Which Frequent Flyer Program and Credit Card Combo Is Most Rewarding?” for NerdWallet. Jason also created such comprehensive posts for Money.slickdeals.net as “What Are Points and Miles Worth?” and “I’ve Never Paid a Luggage Fee for Checked Bags, Here’s How.”

GoBankingRates published such articles by Jason as “3 Incredible Cards with Exactly the Travel Rewards You Need,” “Surprising Things That Could Cost You Your Travel Points,” and “These Credit Cards Let You Turn Your Points into College Savings.”

In July 2020, for his talent and outstanding achievements, Money.com appointed Jason as director of credit card content. In this position, he was actively engaged in composing and directing all content of this website connected to credit cards which helped to considerably increase Money.com`s presence in this niche.

Jason`s insights on airline rewards and family travel have already made him a valuable expert for those people who wish to maximize their travel experiences while minimizing costs. Jason`s willingness to practice what he preaches sets him apart from many experts. Owing to his deep expertise in earning and spending points/miles, Jason and his family have already traveled across the USA and around the world many times.