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Jeff White

Jeff White

Jeff White is a top content marketing specialist and consultant who has already made a successful career doing what he loves. As a teenager, he tried to find an alternative path that could match the passion he had for writing. Listening to the advice of his parents, he thought about different options. However, none resonated with him as much as writing did.

Ultimately, he decided to enter law school, being sure that it would be a way to further develop his writing skills and secure a stable income. However, there, he observed a cutthroat environment where people were willing to do anything to get ahead, even if it meant harming others. Notwithstanding this, Jeff managed to graduate from Concord Law School at Purdue University where he earned a JD degree.

At this crucial moment, Jeff made a life-altering decision. He knew he needed to break free from societal expectations and follow his true calling, no matter how unconventional it seemed. Thus, Jeff entered the world of marketing. It was here that he saw the opportunity to develop his writing skills and make a meaningful career out of his passion. Hence, he earned a BBA and MBA in Marketing from Baker College (Owosso, MI). However, this experience was not without its challenges, and Jeff had periods of work that did not correspond to his passion, leading to financial struggles for his big family.

During his professional career, Jeff has worked in many famous companies and publications. He worked as a course creator at Colorado Technical University (2013-2019), CEO of content operation at Fit Small Business (2016-2020), marketing strategist at YouNegotiate (2021), head of marketing at Clipboard Health (2020-2021), freelance contributor at The Balance and Seeking Alpha (2020-2022), editorial contributor at Forbes Advisor (2021-2023), and many other places. Currently, Jeff White holds the position of CMO in Pakiki (since 2020) and deals with content creation for the B2B segment. Simultaneously, he works as a freelance senior editor at Launch Potato digital media company located in Florida.

Today, Jeff White stands as a testament to the remarkable success that can be achieved by pursuing one’s passion. He has achieved remarkable milestones, including over 1,500 articles written, showcasing his dedication to the craft of writing. More than 225 million users of his content, demonstrate his impact in the digital marketing sphere. By creating over $130 million in revenue, Jeff White has already highlighted his exceptional ability to craft comprehensive content for overall business success.

For many times, Jeff has been featured in many prestigious publications and media outlets, including The Week, the Associated Press, Yahoo! Finance, Seeking Alpha, US News, The Street, Reuters, Forbes, CNBC, Nasdaq, etc. His work and expertise in content marketing have garnered recognition and respect from industry leaders and peers alike.

Among his remarkable articles, such trendy ones should be mentioned as “Best Joint Checking Accounts,” “Best HSA Accounts,” and “Best Factoring Companies” for The Balance. He also contributed to Finance Buzz with such posts as “15 Ways to Save Money and Get Free Food at Burger King,” “Never Buy These 20 Items Anywhere But at Dollar General,” and “20 Best Costco Pantry Items for Under $10.”

Overall, Jeff White’s career as a content marketing specialist exemplifies the power of persistence and the belief that anything is possible when an individual follows his/her calling.