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Micah Murray

Micah Murray

With more than four years of professional experience in writing about personal finances and financial literacy, Micah Murray is a freelance writer featured in the New York Post, Money Under 30, RateGenius, Bankrate, and Sound Dollar. Even though his writing career started as a side hustle to generate additional income, he quickly discovered his passion for all things related to finance and quit his previous full-time job to dedicate his time to new and exciting projects.

Promoting financial literacy is essential for Micah, who states that “equal and fair access to the opportunity to become financially literate should be a right, not a privilege.” By providing people with the necessary tools and a financially conscious approach to finances, he explains the differences between secured and unsecured loans and advises on home equity loans and mortgage interest rates in an accessible and engaging manner.

Professional Experience

Based in Augusta, Maine, United States, Micah dedicates his time to writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging, and editing. Micah’s previous job experience includes serving as store and social media manager for Two Fat Cats Bakery. His key responsibilities included staff supervision, establishing customer relations, and maintaining a safe work environment. On his LinkedIn profile, Micah writes that he “worked with the management team to ensure a high level of productivity, customer satisfaction, and to build an inclusive work environment for all employees.”

In June 2019, he switched careers and started editing and dedicating his time to his new calling: writing articles about personal finance, loans, and financial literacy. He writes for the New York Post, Bankrate, Sound Dollar, RateGenius, ChooseFi, and LeverageRx and covers a plethora of different topics that usually include:

– Mortgages: “First-Time Homebuyer Requirements: How to Qualify,” “What to know about mortgage interest rates before you buy a home;”

– Personal loans and credit cards: “What are the requirements for a personal loan?” “What Is the Principal of a Loan?” “What Is Your Debt-to-Income Ratio? How To Calculate DTI,” “10 credit card mistakes to avoid in 2023;”

– Student loans: “Coding Bootcamps: Average Cost and How to Pay;”

– Financial literacy and budgeting: “Six tips for saving on Thanksgiving costs,” etc.

For more than two years, Micah worked as an editorial assistant for Money Under 30, a website that offers concise and easy-to-understand financial advice for young people. Striving to explain to budding professionals how to budget and be financially conscious, he offers financial advice in a weekly newsletter, writes and edits articles on personal finance management, student and personal loans, financial literacy, and budgeting, and also offers advice on debt management, car loans and mortgages, investing, interest rates, and the best strategies to save money. Combining his professional copywriting experience with an editing job, he covers a vast variety of topics, offers tips on how to omit the most common mistakes while saving money, and provides a piece of much-needed advice for young people and working professionals alike to achieve a debt-free, financially secure living.

In his free time, he describes himself as a nature aficionado who loves to spend time around the campfire with his husband and their dog.