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Moriah Joy Chace

Moriah Joy Chace

With an avid passion for real estate, credit, budgeting, investing, and personal finances, Moriah Joy Chace is a freelance content writer featured in CNBC, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and Investopedia. With a plethora of freelance gigs, internships, consulting, and tutoring jobs under the belt, Moriah is passionate about helping other people understand finances and achieve financial stability. By integrating snippets of her personal life, passion for horses, sewing, and all things fun on her award-nominated blog, she writes about finances, budgeting, and credits in a clear and engaging way.

Formation and Education

Born in Heraklion, Shenyang, China, Moriah Joy Chace had a keen interest in writing from her early years. At the age of 16, she started attending William Jessup University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Moriah’s math tutoring job also came in handy: breaking down complex mathematical principles to the students boosted her explanation skills and helped her explain finances in her articles in a concise and straightforward manner. Her professional writing degree combined with a continuous interest in personal finances helped her start writing about a conscious approach to finances, banking, and investing.

Professional Experience

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Moriah worked, among other things, as a production editor, editorial assistant, web consultant, and intern coordinator. At Thryv, a software development company, Moriah dedicated her time to writing SEO-driven website content, developing documentation and guides, and conducting consultations with clients. She has also worked with e.Republic, a media production company, where she wrote extensive reports, fact-checked articles, created newsletters, and worked with Salesforce and Excel. Moriah’s extensive professional background helped her gain invaluable skills and insights that she routinely integrates into her explanatory articles and blog posts.

It comes as no surprise that her friends often describe her as “the money friend,” as she writes articles about loans, personal and queer finance, and offers career advice to budding professionals. From “Reasons To Consolidate Retirement Accounts” and “Four Best First Money Habits to Master” to “How to Get Started Freelance Writing” and “Quiet Quitting Might Be A Hot Trend, But It’s Actually Leaving A Lot Of People Out. Here’s What We Can Do Instead” — Moriah covers a plethora of topics in her articles and blog posts. She also ghostwrites, edits novels for teenagers, works as a financial coach and editor-in-chief of Poorer Than You, and writes extensively on topics related to LGBTQ+ and financing.


In her free time, she regularly contributes to her blog, takes horseback riding lessons, enjoys a newly found passion for sewing, and writes about the importance of living a fulfilling and memorable life. As she describes it in her blog, “My activities do give me pleasure. But they also create an intricate identity. I find value and purpose in the things I choose to do for myself, without being witholden to anyone.” By writing through a prism of her own experiences, she aims to help low-income and early-career professionals find ways to realize their potential while living a fulfilling, debt-free, and financially conscious life.