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Sarah Sharkey

Sarah Sharkey

Sarah Sharkey is a gifted freelance content writer from Tallahassee, Florida. In 2017, she earned a BS in Biology from the University of Florida. Moreover, in 2018, she got an MS degree in Management. As Sarah has always been fond of traveling, she needed cash for food, tickets, hotels, and various types of emergencies. That is why she made up her mind to combine her adventurous life with dealing with personal finances thoughtfully. Therefore, such a strategy has already allowed Sarah to earn good cash and fully control her working time.

Freelance work

After completing her studies, Sarah started her freelance writing career. To make her texts sound clear and easy to read, she completed a couple of useful online courses for freelance authors from Earn More Writing School. Thus, by the age of 25, she had already bought her own home thanks to new writing skills. Currently, she mostly specializes in travel, personal finance, and science topics.

In March 2016, Sarah Sharkey started to write posts about everything related to ocean life for the Awesome Ocean. In February 2018, Sarah began working for Money Smart Family where she wrote helpful posts that were intended to help people save their cash efficiently. At the same time, she was a freelance content creator at ChooseFI Media, a specialized finance community.

Since 2018, Sarah has been successfully cooperating with such online media as Well Kept Wallet, Money Under 30 personal finance site, as well as Quicken Loans, Business Insider, and Bankrate. In particular, these are such great articles for Business Insider as “What is student loan deferment?”, “6 tips to avoid a predatory lender,” “Cash advance vs. payday loan: What’s the difference?”, and “Is Pet Insurance worth It?”

Additionally, Sarah Sharkey creates valuable content for Muck Rack, a trustworthy PRM platform. In particular, she crafted such pieces of content as “15 Ways To Earn Free Crypto” for Bitcoinpress.co.uk, “The best bank account for kids” for The Spokesman-Review, “Mortgage loan originators: What are they and what do they do?” for the Sun News, “Refinancing Before, During, or After a Divorce: What To Know” for Lower My Bills, etc.

Sarah Sharkey also cooperates with Crediful Loan Company. She has already written such helpful articles as “9 Best Secured Collateral Loans for Bad Credit of 2023,” “Secured vs. Unsecured Credit Cards: What’s the Difference?” etc.

For the MagnifyMoney site with recommendations on dealing with personal finances, Sarah wrote such useful articles as “How to Research Stocks in 5 Simple Steps” and “How to invest $50,000 wisely.” Overall, Sarah specializes in a wide range of topics dedicated to personal finances. She is an expert in credits, student and home loans, insurance, savings, debts, etc.


It is impossible to work all the time. Therefore, Sarah regularly relaxes from her freelance work. In particular, she is fond of reading, hiking, and traveling.

Present time

Currently, Sarah Sharkey is the owner of Sharkey Creative LLC. In particular, in her blog Adventurous Adulting, which is dedicated to everything about personal finances, the author does her best to teach “young adults” how to start leading a happy life by being able to use finances competently and joyfully.