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We feel very fortunate to have worked with this team.  Thanks for everything you did to help make purchasing our first home possible.
Kathleen B. | Columbus, OH | 4.25.17
They answered my questions quickly and efficiently. I felt like I was working with some long time friends that always had my best interests at heart. There were a number of hoops to jump through, and they did it with patience and kindness. I really could not have asked for a better team of people.
Jennifer C. | Mesa, AZ | 4.16.17
The whole process was excellent. They kept us updated, and when we had questions they walked us through everything and took their time to explain it all. The process was also very fast! They did amazing! They were so helpful and shared the excitement with us of getting our FIRST ever new home!
Sylvia M. | Dallas, TX | 4.11.17
Most seamless experience of home buying ever.
Jannine S.
[They provided] exceptional customer service and [were] great at communicating with me. They made the refinance of my home a very easy process and answered all of my questions. Thanks so much! I couldn't be happier with the service I received.
Susan H.
They exceeded every expectation when it came to finding a lender on the house I was interested in, and I was astonished how simple they made the loan process. The loan originator also went out of her way to ensure the loan went through in a specific way, so my family could save money.
Ryan B.
First Choice Loan Services delivered exactly what they offered. Not only did they offer us a better rate, but they offered us sincerity, kindness, professionalism and diligence. They worked extremely hard to get our loan approved and funded within a very short period of time.  We will recommend First Choice Loan Services to everyone we know.
Sheryl H.
...they provided exceptional service, managing all the little hurdles along the way, ensuring that I got the highest cost-savings for my money, and personally making sure that the deal went through - soup-to-nuts.
Alex B.
We are thrilled to be in our new house, and we can't thank First Choice Loan Services and their entire team enough.
L. H.
I would like to compliment [First Choice Loan Services] on the ability to educate me about the process, the consideration about various options and the ability to translate their VA LOAN knowledge to a less experienced individual is a hallmark characteristic.
J. W.
From the very first conversation we had with First Choice Loan Services, I felt comfortable. [My Loan Originator] understood that this is so much more than a bank transaction. He understood the human side of purchasing a home.
D. W.